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Shenandoah County Fair shuts down the sidewinder ride

A car on the Sidewinder ride at Shenandoah County Fair collapsed with a rider inside on Aug. 30.

Shenandoah County Fire and Rescue responded and were able to pull the uninjured rider from the damaged car.

Shenandoah County’s Building Official Tim Ferguson spoke by phone that he did go to the scene to investigate.

Ferguson’s preliminary investigation indicates that a pin appears to have fallen out of the ride causing the car to collapse.

Ferguson did say that a third party was hired by fair officials to inspect rides a few years ago.

That party will conduct a more thorough investigation which will involve dismantling the ride piece by piece to determine the exact cause of the collapse.

That third party investigation report should be released when it is complete.

In the meantime the Shenandoah County Fair Sidewinder ride will remain closed.

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