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Shenandoah Elementary remains closed to students Mar. 31

Shenandoah Elementary School remains closed to students Mar. 31.

Page County Sheriff Chad Cubbage confirmed in a press conference Mar. 30 that all students and staff at the school are safe.

During that press conference Superintendent of Page County Public Schools Dr. Antonia Fox confirmed that there was no immediate threat to the community.

Fox did say that there will be an increased presence of law enforcement at all Page County Public Schools Mar. 31.

This action follows a report of someone near Shenandoah Elementary School being seen with what appeared to be a gun holster on their side.

Sheriff Cubbage confirmed that it was not a gun but a sheath holding a knife on the person’s hip.

After law enforcement responded 46-year-old Thomas Benjamin Loving was detained and interviewed.

Sheriff Cubbage confirmed that Loving has been charged with a misdemeanor count of carrying a knife on school grounds.

Additional charges could be placed at the conclusion of the investigation.

Page County Public Schools reported that while the school was placed on temporary lockdown all students and staff were eventually evacuated and moved to Fields United Methodist Church and dismissed at 12:30 on Mar. 30.

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