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Shenandoah Valley air quality continues to be a concern Friday 6/9

Fire Departments across the region are monitoring and warning citizens of the air quality in the Shenandoah Valley.

Shenandoah Valley air quality continues to be affected by the Canadian wildfires and is likely to be affect through part of the day June 9.

The air quality will vary depending on your location and is expected to improve tremendously by early Saturday June 10.

Depending on your location air quality will be a possible code orange or code red status.

Code orange produces conditions that are unhealthy for sensitive groups.

People like Children, those with heart or heart and lung disease, older adults, pregnant women and those that spend a lot of time outdoors will be affect in a code orange status.

A code red alert will warn of poor conditions for the general public.

Everyone should keep outdoor activities light and short with people who are sensitive remaining indoors as much as possible in a code red.

The smoke in the air is expected to dissipate when a front moves into the area June 9.

The current conditions can be minimized by avoiding strenuous outdoor activity or by exercising indoors.

As of the 5 a.m. Friday most of our region reports moderate conditions but that may change as the day goes on.

Click here to monitor air quality at anytime.

A regional map and air that may circulate into our area is found here.

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