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Signal Timing Testing in Winchester

5 November 2019 Winchester Frederick County News

November 5, 2019

WINCHESTER – The government of the City of Winchester will test new traffic and pedestrian signal timings in an effort to improve pedestrian safety within the City.

Leading pedestrian interval is the title of the new timings. It gives pedestrians an opportunity to enter an intersection three to seven seconds before vehicles are given a green light at a singular stop or intersection. The theory behind the LPI is that pedestrians will be able to establish themselves in the intersection and have more time to increase visibility to oncoming traffic. Specifically, the city wants to improve safety in areas that have a high volume of left-turning vehicles. The LPI only works when the button on a given crosswalk signal is pressed.

“The safety of our residents and visitors is a top priority,” City Manager Eden Freeman said in a press release. “This signal timing protocol has proven to reduce pedestrian/vehicular accidents in intersections by 60% in other localities.”

Public Services staff in Winchester will begin changing the crosswalk and traffic signal synchronization at four intersections to begin testing the new timing over the next three weeks. The intersection between Cameron St. and Boscawen St. is the first on the list to test the change, and will be tuned differently this week. Next week Public Services will change the timing for crosswalks at both ends of the Pedestrian Mall, and the week of Nov. 18 the City will change the timing at the Amherst St. and Meadow Branch Ave. intersection.

“Should this signal timing work successfully and we are pleased with the results, we will look at implementing it at other intersections in the downtown area,” Freeman said. “Depending on the outcomes in these intersection, we will continue discussions regarding implementing this protocol at other intersections in the city.”


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