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Smithsonian welcomes 5 new Cheetahs in Front Royal

The Smithsonian Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal is proud to announce the successful birth of 5 Cheetah cubs.

Echo is the proud mom and the 5 Cheetahs for now appear to be healthy and strong.

Where Echo gave birth to 6 cubs one unfortunately did not survive.

The institute in Front Royal is one of 10 Cheetah breeding centers in the country.

These centers strive to maintain a sustainable North American Cheetah population under human care.

This is the second time Echo has given birth to a litter of cubs having 4 in 2020.

The caretakers will give the animals time to bond before giving the 5 a health evaluation.

The cheetahs and their mom are available to watch on the institute’s Cheetah Cub Cam here.

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