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SPCA discourages “kitten-napping”

11 April 2020 Winchester Frederick County Clarke County News

Kitten season at the SPCA of Winchester, Frederick and Clarke Counties has begun. SPCA is cautioning everyone to not immediately pick up any litters of kittens they may find alone outdoors. While your first instinct may be to help, chances are that the mother is out getting food. It is not unusual for cat mothers to be gone for eight hours. It is best to leave the kittens with their mother until they are done nursing. “Kitten-napping” them from their mother may cause the kittens to die. Staying with their mother is always the best option, so try not to hover or do things that would scare the mother away.

SPCA can offer guidance and support while the kittens are nursing. Once they are done, the next steps are fostering and adoption. For more information on SPCA’s Kitten Warrior program, email Marie at sheltermanager@winchesterspca.org or call 540-662-8616.

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