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Spottswood Poles Forgotten Baseball Player Of Winchester

20 August 2018 News Sports

Among notable local Winchester sons and daughters such as Patsy Cline, Richard Byrd, and John Kerby is Spottswood Poles. War hero and baseball player from the early 20th century “Spot” has largely been forgotten by history.

Winchester Frederick County Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Justin Kerns compared Poles to the legendary Ty Cobb, stating “I think it’s a shame we don’t have a historic marker for him. It has been argued that Poles should join other famous players in the Baseball Hall of Fame, and he has been up for induction several times but always fell short. While he played professional baseball for 14 seasons with a remarkable batting average over 400, the problem has been documentation.

Poles was not a fan of statistics and instead shared his accomplishments via word of mouth. Thus far, historians have only been able to fully document two of his seasons, and inclusion into the Hall of Fame requires a minimum of four. Kerns has taken to social media in an attempt to get more information on this little known player, saying “a man as prominent as Poles deserves Winchester’s recognition with something as simple as a historic marker or as significant as the naming of a local baseball field.”

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