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Strasburg mayor appeals case to Virginia Supreme Court

15 February 2020 Shenandoah County News

Previously, Strasburg residents filed a petition to remove Mayor Richard Orndorff Jr. from office in a bid that ultimately failed before the court on Jan. 3. Orndorff had hired Phil Griffin II to represent him during this process, resulting in a legal bill of almost $18,000. Orndorff may not be able to pay that amount. He testified that he and his wife have little regular income. Furthermore, they are encumbered with over a million dollars in medical debt. The cause of the medical debt was a motor vehicle accident, in which Orndorff is suspected of driving under the influence.

Griffin argued that the town of Strasburg should be responsible for paying Orndorff’s attorney fees. On Jan. 3, Judge Alexander Iden ruled that Strasburg was responsible for paying only $2,700, as Griffin had overestimated the amount of time and resources that needed to be spent on the case. Griffin appealed the court order. He argued that Strasburg should pay more, because the court did not consider the time spent on traveling and research.

On Jan. 24, Iden again denied Griffin’s request for attorney fees. On Jan. 29, Griffin announced a plan to appeal to the Supreme Court of Virginia. He plans to bring no new objections.

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