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Strasburg Police Chief, Sutherly Announces Retirement

13 July 2017 News

Strasburg’s current police cheif, Tim Sutherly, has announced he plans to retire in January 2018. The announcment came during a July 11, 2017 Town Council meeting, where he stated that he has already submitted his resignation letter to Town Manager, Wyatt Pearson.

Sutherly, 49, said he has been considering retirement for sometime. He has previously had discussions about it at Town Hall. For that reason, he decided to make the announcment before rumors could start to spread.

Prior to becoming Strasburg’s police chief in 2007, Sutherly worked for the Warren County Sheriff’s Office for 17 years. While serving as police cheif for Strasburg, the town has seen a drop in the crime rate, and a retention in officers. The retention was largely due to Sutherly raising officers’ salaries.

Sutherly said it has been an honor to have served in as police chief in the same town he grew up. He now plans on spending time with his children and letting his wife concentrate on her career.

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