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Strasburg Police Officer recovering from injuries

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Strasburg Police Chief Wayne Sager reports an update on the police officer that was attacked late December 17.

The Strasburg Police Officer is recovering from a broken nose and serious lacerations to his head and face.

This happened after the unnamed officer was forced into a situation by 40-year-old Melissa R. Tompkins.

Thompkins was reported to be causing a disturbance and threatening people at the Ramada Inn on Single Knob Drive Strasburg late Sunday night December 17.

The officer approached her to assess the situation and was attacked by Tompkins.

When the office attempted to de-escalate the situation by way of non-lethal force Tompkins managed to take control of his department, issued baton, and hit him repeatedly about the head and face.

The officer was left with no choice but to fire his weapon while being struck.

The shot resulted in Tompkins losing her life after being taken to Winchester Medical Center.

The officer was treated for his injuries at Shenandoah Memorial Hospital.

Chief Sager reports that police train for such situation but hope and pray it never happens.

Chief Sager reiterated that his request for Virginia State Police and Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office investigation was for complete transparency in the incident.

The Virginia State Police were able to determine the identity of Tompkins and found she had no fixed address.

Chief Sager is asking for the community’s patience during the investigation.

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