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Strausberg Signs Start Controversy

23 September 2018 News

Off of Queen street in Strausberg, a number of signs with political messages on a fence, have been called into question regarding their legality. Joseph Schad, the owner of the property indicated in a recently published report that he had personally only received one negative comment regarding the signs on his property. Yet according to the same account, a photo of the signs posted to Facebook had many questioning if the signs were compliant with the town code. 

despite the growing controversy concerning the political signage, Schad indicated that he was interested in putting up more signs regardless of the views of the wider community. Schad said, “I want people to see it and read, and I hope it makes one or two people think. That’s what America is about, for crying out loud.”

Town manager Wyatt Pearson indicated that once he became aware of the concerns, he would start looking into it. Pearson said “from our perspective, its just a sign. We don’t even read what message it is.”  Regardless of parts of the town code, the Supreme Court in 2015 determined that political sign regulations can be considered in violation of the right to free speech.

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