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SU Rebukes Methodist Church Decision on Gay Marriage

6 March 2019 Luray/Page County Shenandoah County Front Royal/Warren County Winchester Frederick County Clarke County News

Shenandoah University has responded to a decision from the United Methodist Church to enforce restrictions on same sex marriage.

S.U. is one of six United Methodist Church-affiliated institutions of higher education in the Commonwealth, and works in tandem with Wesley Theological Seminary to implement United Methodist certification courses. After a meeting of 864 delegates last week, the church approved by a narrow margin not only the new restraints on gay marriage, but also new rules restricting the ordination of LGBTQ+ individuals. In a statement last Wednesday (2/27/2019), President Tracy Fitzsimmons said that the plan is “widely viewed as unconstitutional under church law.” She went on to say that S.U. will “remain focused on welcoming and educating in an equitable and inclusive environment,” and that she is proud that “Shenandoah students, alumni, staff and faculty were at the global conference… joining voices for full inclusion.”

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