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Subdivision Residents Ask for Help to Stem Hot-rodding

24 February 2017 News

On Tuesday, February 22. residents of Carly’s Way, off Reliance Road, asked the Warren County Board of Supervisors what additional measures could be taken to stop their neighborhood from being used as a launch point for hot-rodding.  They said Sheriff’s Office deputies had set up to try and catch the culprits led by a neighborhood youth, but to no avail.

One woman said she had called the youth’s mother seeking assistance in bringing the situation under control, but was met with what she called “strong aggression. – It was not the response I was hoping for,” she told the board.

Another resident observed, “These are not car enthusiasts – people who restore a car and care for it – these are racing enthusiasts trying to relive the experience of a competition.”

The Carly’s Way residents having the support of at least one board member soon became apparent. North River Supervisor Dan Murray commented that his wife had been awakened repeatedly by similar late-night hot rodding, while recovering from a recent medical issue.

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