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Supervisors Fall Short of Harsh Delinquent Tax Code Change

19 January 2017 News

January 17, the Warren County Board of Supervisors toughened up County delinquent tax collection codes.  However, the Supervisors fell short of approving the harshest proposed change, in mandating that County-registered businesses have all their delinquent real estate taxes paid in full before receiving an annual business license renewal.
What businesses will now have to pay in full annually to continue to operate in Warren County are licensing, personal property, meals and lodging taxes.
Of deleting full payment of back real estate taxes from the business license proposal, Supervisor Tony Carter voiced concern that such an abrupt change to County policy could be counterproductive.  Carter pointed out the County’s goal was to get paid back taxes, not drive those owing those taxes out of business.
However, the Supervisors did approve a Code change requiring developers to have delinquent taxes on individual real estate parcels paid in full before Building Permits are issued for those parcels.

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