Two Jefferson County commission members are arrested

West Virginia state seal. Used by written permission by Chief Deputy and Chief of Staff of West Virginia Chuck Flannery

Two Jefferson County Commissioners have been arrested for what is being called jilting their duties by skipping public meetings.

A three-judge panel wrote in a decision that the two commissioners engaged in a pattern of conduct that amounts to deliberate, willful, and intentional refusal to perform their duties.

Jennifer Krouse and Tricia Jackson were arrested in March and arraigned in Jefferson County and charged with 42 misdemeanor charges ranging from failure to perform official duties to conspiracy to commit a crime against the state.

In the meantime, both women have announced their candidacy for state auditor.

According to a West Virginia Watch report Jackson posted on social media that she is still running for office and is working with an attorney to appeal the decision of the court.

The removal from their positions stems from the pair missing seven meetings in late 2023.

West Virginia State Police asserted in court documents that the missed meetings were Krouse and Jackson’s way of protesting a candidate’s selection to replace a resigned commissioner.

The commission asserts that during the pair’s absences they were unable to complete critical business.

After missing the sessions, the pair continued to receive benefits and paychecks.

Krouse took office in January of 2023 and Jackson has been in her position on the commission since 2021.

The pair returned to their duties after being ordered to do so by the courts.

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