The fate of the Natural Bridge Zoo animals has been decided

After a 6-day long trial the fate of the 100 animals seized from the Natural Bridge Zoo has been decided.

The jury deliberated for 10 hours as they filled out a verdict on each one of the animals according an ABC news report.

Attorney General Miyares confirms that the jury recommends that 71 of the animals remain in the care of Rockbridge County.

The remaining 29 animals will be returned to the zoo.

There are 4 giraffes being kept at the zoo simply because they are difficult to move.

The county is asking the defense to work with them to move the giraffes.

Along with that request the county is also asking for an appeal bond and payment for the care of the animals.

The county also wants unannounced inspections of the zoo for 5 years.

A post-trial hearing has been requested for April 4 to discuss the issues.

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