Farm use tag update

commercial license renewal

Beginning July 1, 2024, unregistered farm use panel trucks, pickup trucks, and sport utility vehicles must display a DMV-issued permanent farm use plate.

Previously, an unofficial farm use tag, not issued by DMV, was sufficient.

A DMV-issued farm placard will be required for unregistered farm use for any of the mentioned vehicles.

The DMV-issued permanent farm use plate is nontransferable and is valid for as long as the owner uses the vehicle exclusively for one of the farm use purposes.

It must be returned to the DMV within 30 days of the vehicle being sold or if the vehicle is no longer being used exclusively for one of the purposes listed above.

For more information about permitted uses, please visit the Virginia DMV website.

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SCSO offers property checks for the holidays

International Automotive Components Group

The Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office announced that they are offering property checks for citizens who may be traveling out of town for the holidays.

If you wish to have your property, periodically checked you need to fill out a request form either by coming to the Sheriff’s Office or by calling.

Call the Sheriff’s Office at 540-459-6100 or drop by their Offices at 810 N. Main St. Woodstock Virginia.

Once the form is filled out by the homeowner or caretaker you will be added to the Sheriff’s Office property check lists.

Property checks will continue for a maximum of 30 days unless specified otherwise.

Property Checks are done on businesses and churches after hours without a request.

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