Regenerative agriculture workshop

Photo by Janet Michael

Join Blandy Experimental Farm, on Tuesday, June 25th at 6:30 pm, for the first of a series of workshops and presentations on the techniques and benefits of restorative grazing.

In this series you will learn how to apply methods of grazing to reduce costs, produce grass-fed livestock as a profitable income, increase the soil quality, and provide support to a variety of wildlife.

We will view Part One of a newly released documentary, “Roots So Deep You Can See the
Devil Down There.”

This series follows how seven farmers in the US who have adopted these farming and grazing techniques over four years and continue today.

You will have the opportunity to meet local farmers who have applied the methods here in
Virginia, as well as a local goat herder who utilizes her animals for brush and weed clearing.

You’ll have the chance to talk through the goals and questions for your property if you like.

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Front Royal issues Trick or Treating safety reminders

The Town of Front Royal issued a notice regarding the observation of Halloween Trick or Treating.

The Town will observe Trick or Treating on Halloween, Tuesday October 31st beginning at 6:30 pm and ending at 9 pm.

Parents are encouraged to accompany their children during the festivities and to increase visibility by carrying flashlights or wearing reflective clothing.

Trick or Treaters should only approach houses with their porch lights on and be off the streets by 9 pm.

Motorists are advised to use caution and visibility may be limited due to early forecasts calling for precipitation.

The notice also points out that the Spooky Saturday celebration planned for October 28th is a separate event and does not replace Halloween.

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LFCC will talk to you about their name change

luray-page county center

Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) is inviting the public to learn more about the process and the school’s aspirations regarding the name change.

The school will host a telephone town hall meeting May 6 at 6:30 p.m..

The public is invited to ask questions about the change.

Registration for the LFCC telephone town hall is available at

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