WFRD respond to an apartment complex thanks to an early warning

Drew DeHaven

The Winchester Fire and Rescue Department (WFRD) report an early warning saved an apartment complex and prevented injuries.

The tragedy was averted May 31 thanks to a smoke alarm and the Winchester Fire and Rescue squad.

On arrival at approximately 11 a.m. fire crews found a second and third-story balcony on fire in the 800 block of Thomas Court.

Firefighters took a traditional attack from the exterior and pulled lines into the complex to fully extinguish the fire.

Thanks to that smoke alarm a sleeping occupant in one of the apartments was awakened and found the fire early.

That resident was able to alert firefighters and avert injuries to other apartment dwellers and firefighters who were all left uninjured in the fire.

Working smoke alarms in key areas of the home are vital in alerting you and your family in time to evacuate.

To ensure that your alarm is in top working order or in need of a smoke alarm contact your local fire department.

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