SABF tickets for some events have gone on sale

An email from the Executive Director of the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival (SABF) Bradley Veach announced tickets for some events have gone on sale.

The email went on to say that several new events will be added and announced in the coming weeks.

One of the new events already announced is the Breakfast with Miss. Apple Blossom Savanna Marcum for Apr. 23.

Registration for the Apple Blossom Golf Classic is also open now.

Tickets for Wine Fest, Cider tasting, Pumps and Pearls and Lady’s Commonwealth Luncheon, Rock and Roll, 90’s and 80’s dance Parties, Stag Lunch and Square Dance have all gone on sale.

The festival this year will be a full scale traditional Apple Blossom Festival celebration of spring from Apr.22 through May 1.

Tickets and information on the events will be released through the weeks ahead at

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