VA. Department of Forestry report on the fall fire season

Virginia Department of Forestry used by permission from VDF Communication Specialist Cory Swift-Turner

The Virginia Department of Forestry (VDF) released their report on the 2023 fall fire season.

This past year the Department responded to 156 wildfire in the fall season alone.

Nearly 25,000 acres burned with 13 structures reported damaged.

However, the VDF and firefighting partners are credited with saving 224 homes and 268 other structures with an estimated protected value of $46.8 million.

In comparison 89 wildfires burned 2,654 acres in the 2022 fall fire season.

This comparison confirms the devastation caused by the drought, high winds, low humidity, and dry leaves and grass this past season which made for extremely difficult conditions for firefighters.

In some areas these conditions persist and caution with fire is something to be aware of no matter the season.

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