VSP report on the Thanksgiving weekend travel

Virginia State Police (VSP) report on the 2023 Thanksgiving Holiday weekend has been released.

The report indicates a 53 percent decrease in fatal crashes over the holiday.

Last year over the same period 19 fatalities occurred on Virginia roadways.

This year 9 citizens lost their lives with the majority of those found not using their seat belts.

Eight traffic crashes were reported in Virginia which produced the 9 fatalities none were in the Shenandoah Valley region.

State Troopers responded to a total of 1,359 crashes which is nearly 100 less than last year.

Citations were issued to over 4,500 speeders.

Reckless driving tickets were issued to over 1,800 people with 89 arrests for driving under the influence.

VSP Superintendent Gary T. Settle called the reduction in fatalities encouraging and commended drivers for making extra efforts to drive safely and hopes the trend continues into the winter holiday season.

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