Fun Fact September 16, 2021.

Happy birthday to my youngest!  It was nine years ago that I became a dad again when my wife gave birth to our third son, Levi.  He is our only Fall baby and he is the only one born in the afternoon.  He’s a curious, smart and creative young man.  He enjoys drawing super heroes that he creates, like Evil Dr. Summer, Eraser Head or Pencil Boy.  Oh the adventures they have, sitting at the dining room table.  Like all good super heroes, his have side-kicks too, an example of the depth of his imagination.  He enjoys being outside, where he uses that imagination to take him to far off places, without leaving our property.  He likes to help me, depending on what I’m doing.  Tinkering in the garage, he’s all in.  Cleaning the chicken coops, not so much.  But he still helps.  Happy birthday Levi, I love you!