VDEQ declares a drought watch or warning for all of Virginia

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) and Virginia Drought Monitoring Task Force (VDMTF) have issued a drought warning advisory for 12 counties.

A drought watch has been issued for 95 counties and cities of Virginia as well.

A drought warning indicates that a significant drought is imminent, and this most recent warning currently affects Augusta, Clarke, Frederick, Page, Rockingham, Shenandoah and Warren Counties.

The drought warning also includes the Northern Virginia region including Arlington, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun, and Prince William Counties.

The drought watch for other communities involved is intended to help Virginians prepare for a potential drought and includes the rest of Virginia.

Several factors are taken into consideration before a drought watch or warning is issued.

Stream flows throughout Virginia are currently 25 percentiles below normal values.

Groundwater levels for wells have also shown continued declines for the Northern, Central, and Eastern portions of the state as well.

Five drought evaluated regions show 5 percentiles below normal, that includes the Shenandoah.

The VDEQ stopped short of water conservation measures for Virginia but that should be considered by all citizens of the state at this time.

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