Holiday travel is upon us please drive with caution

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According to a social media post at Fred Co Roads/Traffic from the Frederick County Sheriff ‘s Office more than 10 crashes occurred in less than three hours last night Dec. 22.

Caution is advised from all law enforcement across the state as the holiday traffic is only going to increase.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is predicting 109 million Americans will be on the roads this holiday.

This number of travelers is the most since before the pandemic began with congestion and delays likely.

The heaviest traffic will start today Dec. 23 lasting through Jan. 2 with the least traveled day likely to be Christmas day Dec. 25 according to AAA.

Along with the increase in traffic there will be an increase in law enforcement across the state as well.

Caution is needed throughout the period along with being alert with your full attention behind the wheel is vital this holiday season.

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AAA predicts back to pre-pandemic travel numbers this holiday

The American Automobile Association (AAA) predicts 109 million people will be traveling this holiday 100 million of those on the highways.

Many Americans are anxious to get back with family and will likely do that by traveling by automobile where they can control their own environment and not have to wear mask.

With that AAA is expecting a return to 2019 amounts of people on the road.

AAA is urging patience as a key to this holiday travel as backups are going to be likely with the volume of vehicles.

AAA does not expect the omicron variant or high gas prices to keep people home this year.

Suggestions to avoid high volume and congestion from AAA include leaving early in the morning or late at night to start on this year’s journey.

Above all we ask that you be cautious, careful and alert this travel season.

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Colonial Pipeline has restarted fuel supplies

Where it will take several days for deliveries to return to normal Colonial Pipeline has restarted.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) assures citizens that there is ample supply of fuel for the summer.

Right now it is a delivery system problem but steps are being taken to distribute faster by road, rail and ship.

Panic buying is what is draining supplies at this time.

We are being asked to not top off tanks unless at less than a half a tank.

We are asked not to store fuel at this time unless necessary.

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EPA increases fuel supplies

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a fuel transportation waiver to increase the supply of fuel in Virginia.

Gov. Northam’s state of emergency declaration allows the waivers to ensure that adequate fuel is supplied during the cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) assures the state that there is an ample supply of fuel.

Panic buying would be the cause of any shortage.

Conserving fuel is a better alternative to panic buying.

One of the lines that runs from North Carolina to Maryland has already been restarted to add to the current supply.

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