SU Dean of Students chosen for Fellows Program

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Suzanne O’Driscoll, Shenandoah University’s Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, was named an American Council on Education Fellow for the next academic year.

The ACE Fellows Program has worked towards strengthening America’s colleges and universities by identifying and preparing faculty, staff, and administrators for senior positions at their schools through a cohort-based mentorship model.

Dr. O’Driscoll will visit campuses throughout the country, take part in retreats, and learning opportunities with the goal of providing years of on-the-job experience in one condensed year.

ACE Fellows will work alongside leaders at their placement institutions and those colleges and universities will benefit from a leader with a fresh perspective.

The program began in 1965 and has prepared over 2,500 leaders in education at over 1,600 institutions across the country.

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Free virtual training for Adverse Childhood Experience

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The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 61% of adults experience an Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE).

One in six adults have experienced four or more ACEs in their lifetime.

These experiences can have a life long effect on mental as well as physical health.

Thur. Mar. 18 from 1 to 4 p.m. Northwestern Community Services Board (NCSB) will offer a free virtual training session.

The session is designed to raise awareness and make people aware of resources available that can help relieve the trauma.

Pre-registration is required and open through Mar. 17 at the event page

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