Drug Court status for Warren County

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A luncheon to explain the highly anticipated Warren County Adult Drug Treatment Court  was held Tuesday July 12.

There were representatives from the successful Frederick County Drug Court there to explain how the court works and how successful it has been.

Through plea agreements non violent offenders who have failed in other programs could benefit from  the high demand intensive program.

The Drug Court is highly supervised offering intensive treatment for offenders.

The offenders are given 3 random drug test a week with prompt response for noncompliance.

The drug court program participant will spend 18 to 20 months in the program costing them approximately $900.

Additional funds would be provided by Valley Health and other organizations.

Warren County has the fifth highest per-capita overdose rate in the Commonwealth.

Warren County officials are hoping that the Adult Drug Treatment Court will offer offenders treatment for addictions as opposed to punishment.

The Adult Drug Treatment Court hopes to be established within a year in Warren County.

Shenandoah County is also working to establish a similar court.

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