Furever Friday – Spanky

Meet Spanky!

This month we are trying something new – BLIND DATES! You tell us what type of personality you want in a dog and let us choose your perfect match. Think eHarmony, but like, for pets. pHarmony, if you will… Even if you end up leaving with a different animal, your adoption fee is half off for participating in our blind date special.  Why are we doing blind dates?


Spanky is one of those reasons. He acts tough and intimidating in his kennel but is a big silly baby outside! He is 1 year old, neutered, vaccinated, chipped and ready for love! He met another pup this week and was so excited to play with her, he also did well meeting our resident cat, Larry.

Don’t judge too quickly when you see these dogs at the lowest point in their life. They’re amazing and can’t wait to prove it to you. They just want YOUR attention.