Fun Fact December 22, 2021.

Another phobia that makes this time of year a nightmare for those who suffer from it.  Doronophobia is the fear of gifts!  They’re not trying to be rude by refusing your gift, they are just afraid of what it could be.  The wrapping make it even worse because it completely hides what’s in the box.  At least if it’s unwrapped the box may give away what the gift is. They fear that the item may be harmful physically to them or to others, or even possibly hazardous to their health and their loved ones. Some fear that it may even possibly kill them and those around them.   it’s not only holiday events and birthdays, it’s also packages that arrive at their doorstep that they didn’t order and gift bags sitting on desks at the office.  One treatment is the use of a stress ball.  Squeezing it can relieve the tension felt by the doronophobic, just don’t give the stress ball to them in a wrapped box or gift bag.  Listen to the podcast here;