Virginia invests in entrepreneurs and startups

Governor Glenn Youngkin announced a new initiative led by the Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation yesterday.

Virginia Invests will expand growth opportunities for Virginia-based, innovation driven startups and entrepreneurial ecosystems throughout the Commonwealth.

The program uses previously awarded federal funding to launch new investment partnerships with the goal of catalyzing and attracting $250 million of investment into more than 100 high-growth startups over the next 3-5 years.

This statewide initiative will accelerate capital into Virginia startups growing opportunities for entrepreneurs, especially female, black, Hispanic, veteran, and rural-based entrepreneurs.

Some of the key industries selected as investment focus areas include National Security/Defense, AI, Logistics, and Automation among others.

Virginia Invests will re-invest into local communities beyond financial capital as well through planned engagement activities like pitch competitions, entrepreneur roundtables, internships, and networking events.

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Google announces $1 billion expansion in Virginia

Google announced the expansion of its data centers in northern Virginia on Friday with a $1 billion investment.

Currently, Google has two data centers in Loudoun County and investment will expand the current campuses while adding a third location in Prince William County.

This brings Google’s total investment in the Commonwealth to over $4.2 billion.

Governor Glenn Youngkin joined Google executives in Reston for the announcement.

At the event, Youngkin spoke on the benefits of data centers for the local communities citing the additional $2.2 billion in wages through the industry and $1 billion in revenue for schools and public services.

With the expansion, Youngkin stated Virginia’s data centers, “are larger than the next five US markets combined” and, “the next four global markets combined.”

The investment also includes $75 million for their AI Opportunity Fund.

Through the initiative, Google’s philanthropic arm aims to help over one million Americans learn AI skills through workforce development and educational organizations.

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Youngkin issues executive order on AI

Governor Youngkin issued an Executive Order 30 on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which implements AI Education Guidelines for the classroom protecting the individual data of all Virginians.

The Commonwealth contains the largest number of cybersecurity companies and personnel on the East Coast.

Virginia colleges and universities lead the nation in technology research and development, and critical national security and military intelligence, undeniably exposing Virginia to unique AI effects.

The Governor’s Executive Order mixes strong protections for Virginia residents and businesses while recognizing opportunities presented by AI.

As one of the first states in the country to issue AI standards, Virginia is leading the way on guidelines and pilots.

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Be vigilant this holiday season for scammers

Tis the season for scammers.

Because of artificial intelligence, borderless currency, and the internet, more people than ever before are trying to hustle, steal, and defraud, the Federal Trade Commission warns.

The convenience of doing all your business online creates more
opportunities for scammers.

If someone calls from a company or non-profit, don’t assume they
actually represent that institution.

Call the organization’s main number.

Never open attachments or links in unsolicited email or direct messages.

Call the sender and confirm their legitimacy.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, and don’t send money.

Be vigilant.

It is now cheap and easy to impersonate someone’s voice and to create digital photographs and videos that seem real.

Do not believe everything you see.

Verify before taking any actions.

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News Maker David Ting on Zenni and Artificial Intelligences

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been designed to make shopping faster, easier and cheaper.

We spoke with Chief Technology Officer for the Zenni Company David Ting about AI in our latest news maker.

News makers are sponsored by Warren County Together We are Community.

David explains the latest in AI development and how it will accomplish that shopping ease.

He also explains that AI is meant to simply make life easier for all and take the grunt work out of life and give us more time to enjoy life.

David also explains in it’s current stage AI is not the coming of Skynet from Terminator.

He mentions that the technology in it’s current form is benign.

However, David does mention that where some companies may not be benign with their AI development Zenni just wants to make shopping easier.

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