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According to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ)  we remain under a code red status.

Later today Friday the agency expects condition to drop to a code Orange status and code Yellow or moderate tomorrow Saturday.

Under the Red status it is recommended that the general public limit outdoor activity especially strenuous activity.

People with asthma, heart and lung diseases or other breathing problems, children and the elderly need to be particularly careful outdoors.

Effects of air quality can be minimized by avoiding outdoor activity in general.

As of 6 A.M. Friday morning much of the region remains at 184 Pollutant Particles Per Million or Red status.

That means there are 184 Milligrams of Pollutants Per Square Meter of Air.

Once we reach 200 Pollutant Particles Per Million, we reach Purple Status which is very unhealthy Air Quality.

We are not expected to reach Purple Friday with relief expected by Saturday July 1. 

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