Edinburg Police launch Operation Spring Break

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The Edinburg Police Department has launched Operation Spring Break, its program to discourage drunk driving.

Through March 18, officers are distributing flyers at bars and restaurants around town emphasizing the potential cost of fines and fees associated with intoxicated driving. In contrast, the flyer highlights the much lower cost of cab fare.

The flyers feature QR codes of Uber and Lyft and the phone number for a local cab service.


WCSO targets underage sales of tobacco and alcohol

Warren County Sheriff's Office

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office conducted a focused enforcement effort regarding the sales of alcohol, tobacco, and vaping products to underage people.

Deputies from the School Resource Division coordinated with a trusted young adult to conduct compliance checks on 12 local businesses.

Only 3 of those actually properly checked ID and disallowed the sale.

These businesses were thanked for their compliance while clerks at the other stores were issued a summons.

The sheriff’s office plans to continue these compliance checks through the summer.

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