SSO report apprehension of triple homicide suspect

June 6 the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office (SSO) and the U. S. Marshals Service report the apprehension of  murder suspect Alyssa Jane Venable.

The 23-year-old Venable is accused of murdering her 3 roommates.

After a high-speed chase exceeding 100 miles per hour on Interstate 86 in New York the arrest was made.

After deploying tire deflation devices Venable’s vehicle crashed and she was taken into custody without incident.

The search began after a welfare check on June 5 found Venable’s 3 roommates dead.

Spotsylvania Deputies found 77-year-old Robert John McGuire, 60-year-old Gregory Scott Powell, and 65-year-old Carol Anne Reese all deceased in Venable’s former residence in the 10,000 block of White Street Court.

Venable is incarcerated in New York awaiting extradition to Virginia.

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Woman accused of triple homicide apprehended

Alyssa Jane Venable, 23, the suspect in the killing of her three roommates in Spotsylvania, has been apprehended.

The Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office reports her capture unfolded after a dramatic vehicle
pursuit on I-86 in Steuben County, New York, with the assistance of the United States Marshals Service and the New York State Police.

The events unfolded on Thursday evening when New York State Police troopers spotted a gray 2009 Honda Civic, matching the vehicle associated with Venable.

They attempted to pull the car over, but the driver refused to comply, sparking a high-speed chase.

To halt the fleeing vehicle, authorities deployed a tire deflation device, ultimately leading to a crash.

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