Fun Fact January 12, 2022.

So is everything hunky-dory?  I certainly hope so.  That term has been around since the 1860’s.  It’s an all American expression from the now obsolete hunky, meaning all right, which is from New York slang hunk, or to be in a safe position. Throw in the Dutch root word honk, meaning home and you’ve got the first part of the expression.  The origin of dory is not known.  If everything is hunky-dory, things are great, fine, going well.  However, the expression can also be used in a sarcastic way meaning things are not great, wonderful and fine.  It’s all in the inflection of the person using the expression.  In that case they may say, in a sarcastic way, things are hunky-dory, just “peachy.”  Listen to the podcast here;