Strasburg declares a drought emergency

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Strasburg has declared a drought emergency as the town’s water source drops below standards set by the Northern Virginia Regional water supply plan.

The plan is set by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality in a permit issued to the town for water withdrawn from the river.

That permit states that once the water source reaches a level below a seven day moving average of 90 cubic feet per second a drought emergency must be issued.

As of August 9 or seven days before August 16 the flow of water in the North Fork of the Shenandoah River has fallen to 70 cubic feet per second.

There are few exceptions to the use of water in a drought emergency.

Those exceptions include agricultural production of food or fiber.

The maintenance of livestock including poultry is another exception as is the commercial production of plant materials.

These exceptions must use the least amount of water as possible.

The uses of water that is prohibited in the current drought emergency include public and private irrigation of lawns or ball fields and the washing of paved surfaces.

The use of water for lawn ornaments like fountains or waterfalls is also prohibited.

Filling of or topping off pools is also prohibited as is the washing of any mobile equipment.

These conditions are in effect until further notice.

A comprehensive list of things that are permitted and not permitted is found here.

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