Fun Fact November 16, 2021.

Tool time Tuesday and today we’re getting a precise measurement.  I had the need to measure the diameter of a round piece of metal, more specifically the sway bar on my truck.  There are several ways to get a close measurement, but if you need it to be more accurate you’ll need a micrometer.  I had a small micrometer in my collection, but it was too small for the task at hand, so I purchased a larger one.  The one I bought is an analog micrometer, not a fancy digital one, but for what I needed it worked great.  It measures in both inches and millimeters.  The tool basically has a sliding portion that allows you to measure an outside diameter on one side, an inside diameter on the other side and the ability to measure depth with a probe that slides out the end.  A pretty handy little tool to have in your tool collection.  Listen to the podcast here;