Fauquier puppy mill owner guilty of 60 counts of animal cruelty

Fauquier Co. Sheriff's Logo used by permission by Fauquier County Deputy Jeffery Long

A Fauquier County jury found Irina Barrett guilty of 60 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty for her role in a puppy mill on Friday.

In January of 2020, Fauquier County Sheriff’s executed a search warrant after learning about the neglect of an 8 month old Doberman puppy.

Officers found that the puppy was deprived of food and veterinary treatment.

Upon further investigation of her residence, 75 other Dobermans and French Bull dogs were found in terrible living conditions with serious health issues.

57 chickens, three turtles, two guinea pigs and a parakeet were also seized by authorities.

The dogs were discovered in rusty cages with no food or water.

In the garage, deceased dogs of different breeds and ages were found wrapped in newspaper in a box.

46 dogs were eventually euthanized due to their health and the remaining abused dogs have remained in the care of Fauquier SPCA since January of 2020.

Barrett will be sentenced in February, 2024.

Each of the 60 misdemeanors could lead up to 1 year in jail.

The jury did not find Barrett guilty on the three criminal charges investigated in the trial.

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Page County Authorities investigate a case of animal cruelty

Page County Authorities report the investigation of a case of animal cruelty.

Nov. 21 authorities found a female husky mix deliberately locked and chained to a barbed wire fence.

The animal was found in the vicinity of 651 Egypt Bend Road.

The animal was unable to move due to the chains and fence.

After several attempts by Animal Control they were finally able to free the dog without incident.

Anyone with any information or knows the dog you are asked to contact Page County animal control.

Contact Animal Control Officer Nations at 540-743-6571.

Pictures of the dog and it’s situation are found here.

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PCSO make an animal cruelty arrest

Animal Control Deputies from the Page County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) took control of multiple animals kept in poor conditions.

Tabitha Price of Shenandoah Virginia has been charged with 51 counts of animal cruelty.

The charges include 47 counts of undernourishment and 47 counts of failing to prevent dehydration.

Price is schedule to appear in Page County General District Court August 26.

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