Fun Fact January 18, 2022.

Tool time Tuesday and lots of people have been using one of these tools recently; the snow blower.  According to Snow blower dot com the first snow blower was patented in 1869 by J.W. Elliot from Toronto, but it was never produced.  In 1884, Orange Jull from Orangeville, Ont., hired the Leslie brothers to build his self-powered snow machine, which was pushed by a locomotive and used two fans to break up snow and fire it out a chute. However, there were some issues with clogging, so it was trimmed down to a single fan model with impeller blades to throw the snow, much like today’s dual-stage snow blowers.  Next came Arthur Sicard, a Canadian inventor who was inspired by a grain thresher in 1894. His motivation was to help farmers who needed an easy way to clear snow off their fields so their cows could feed. Surprisingly, it took him 31 years to get the design right.  The first human operated, powered snow blower or snow thrower, was built in 1952 by a Canadian company  named Toro. They are still in the business. In the 1960’s more companies started introducing their own models, and the age of the modernized snow blower began. As time has passed snow blowers became more powerful, and easier to handle.  Listen to the podcast here;