Fun Fact July 7, 2021.

Today’s Fun Fact comes out of left field, but where did that idiom come from?  Well, that depends on who you choose to believe.  The oblivious answer is that it is related to the game of baseball and a successful play being made by the left fielder throwing to home plate or first base, a play you may not see very often. Since the ball would be coming from behind the runner, it would catch them by surprise.  The exact origin is not known, but some reference the idiom first being used in the mid 1950’s.  Something coming from left field is not the same as being out in left field.  Out of left field is something that catches you off guard or surprises you.  If you, someone you know or something else, is out in left field,  it means it’s an eccentric, odd, misguided or peculiar statement or act.  So I guess, something that comes out of left field may come from someone who is out in left field.