Gov. Northam’s Thank You Virginia Tour continues

In an email from Governor Northam he announced more budget proposals as his Thank You Virginia Tour continues.

If the governor’s budget proposal is approved it will include the largest investment in public safety in the state’s history.

Under the proposal new Virginia State Troopers will see a 7.7 percent pay raise.

The starting salary of new correction officers will increase by 25 percent.

The average salary for entry level sheriff’s deputies and regional jail officials will increase by approximately 20 percent.

The governor’s budget proposal also includes significant funding to address pay compensation and raises for targeted officers and sworn personnel.

Virginia has already given 3 and 5,000 dollar bonuses to public safety officials this past year along with $500 bonuses in 2020 to certain officials.

These proposals are along with the 10 percent increase in teacher pay the governor announced Mon. Dec. 6.

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