Berkeley County’s Prosecutor ask for a special Prosecutor

Berkeley County Prosecutor Catie Wilkes Delligatti confirmed that she is going to ask a special prosecutor be appointed to review the accident involving the daughter of the Berkeley County Sheriff.

Sheriff Nathan Harmon’s 22-year-old daughter Carrie was involved in a single vehicle accident on Jan. 6 in which she ran off the road and damaged property on Cemetery Road in Berkeley County.

West Virginia Metro News reports that Harmon did make his way to the scene to make sure his daughter was medically sound.

Harmon also wishes to be totally transparent in the incident and called the wreck a basic traffic accident with no sign of alcohol being involved.

Body camera footage from responding Deputy William Henderson shows Harmon asking if Carrie had been drinking.

Henderson replied that he couldn’t tell with no mention of alcohol or drug use in the official report.

Prosecutor Wilkes Delligatti wants to ensure total transparency with the appointment of the special prosecutor.

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