A new duo is coming to DC

Giant pandas are making a comeback in Washington D.C.!

Through their enduring 52-year conservation collaboration with the China Wildlife Conservation Association, the Smithsonian National Zoo is gearing up to embrace two new bears, Bao Li (Bow-lee) and Qing Bao (Ching-Bow), before the close of 2024.

Boa Li, whose name means energetic treasure, has roots in the area.

His mother Bao Bao was born at the National Zoo in 2013, and his grandparents, Tian
Tian and Mei Xing lived at the zoo for 23 years.

Interior renovations are revolutionizing and enhancing the pandas’ living space and structural framework.

Ongoing efforts involve the installation of innovative climbing structures, engaging
water features, and intricate rock formations to stimulate the bears’ physical activity and
recreational behavior.

A revamped ventilation system ensures superior air quality and temperature regulation, while an enhanced smoke evacuation network enhances safety measures for the pandas in unforeseen emergencies.

Moreover, upgrades to the Giant Panda Cam are underway, facilitated by a dedicated team of skilled volunteers.

The replacement of 40 centrally operated cameras, three console machines,
and monitors in the Giant Panda Cam control room with cutting-edge technology marks a
significant advancement in monitoring capabilities.

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