Sports Dogs: Talkin’ NIL With Coach C

On this edition of the Sports Dogs Podcast, Randy (The R-Dog) and Coach C, Mike Costello, examine the ever-changing landscape of college football as we approach the 2022 season. Topics covered include Name Image Likeness deals and conference realignment.


Sports Dogs Podcast: Breaking Down The Final Four With Coach C

In this week’s SDPC, we once again join up with Coach C (Mike Costello) to break down the Final Four games this weekend, plus a little reminder on how we can all be a Hokie for a day on April 18th!

Sports Dogs Podcast: Bracket Bustin’ With Coach C

In this edition of the SDPC, we chat with Mike Costello, aka Coach C, former Virginia Tech grad assistant under Frank Beamer, and we break down our NCAA Basketball brackets. Let the Madness begin!


Sports Dogs: Coach C On College Hoop

In this edition of the SDPC, The R-Dog (Randy) is back from vacay and talkin’ college basketball with Mike Costello, aka Coach C, about our regional teams building their resume for The Big Dance, plus some thoughts about the transfer portal and NIL…

The Sports Dogs Remember Madden And Talk Bowls

After a Christmas-week hiatus, the Sports Dog Podcast returns, as R-Dog is joined by Coach C to talk about the college bowl season and the effects of COVID on the bowl games. The Dogs also remember the iconic John Madden, who passed away suddenly this week at 85.

Sports Dogs Podcast: Championship Week With Coach C

In this week’s SDPC, Randy (The R-Dog) is joined by Coach C, Mike Costello, as they talk about Championship Week in college football. The R-Dog & The Coach break down the matchups and College Football Playoff implications, not to mention their thoughts about coaches Brian Kelly and Lincoln Riley leaving their programs on the eve of bowl season.

Sports Dogs Podcast: Talkin’ CFP With Coach C

In the latest SDPC, it’s Camping For Hunger time, and it’s become tradition to have Coach C, Mike Costello on-air or on the podcast. In this edition, Coach C and the R-Dog talk about the latest CFP rankings, Fuente on the hot seat in Blacksburg, and a little sprinkling of college hoop…

Coach C On Week 1 Of College Football

Fans were welcomed back into stadiums all over the country this past weekend as the energy returned to College Football. We chat with Coach C, Mike Costello, former grad assistant under Frank Beamer, and cover everything from the rocking stands in Blacksburg, to the reloaded Crimson Tide, to WVU laying an egg against Maryland. Enjoy this edition of the SDPC!


Coach C On Monday’s SC Ruling

In this week’s Sports Dogs Podcast, we bring on our contributing NCAA expert, Mike Costello, better known as Coach C. We discuss Monday’s unanimous Supreme Court ruling which says the NCAA can’t limit the amount of education-related benefits to a student athlete, saying that the current limits violate antitrust laws. The ruling could pave the way for payment to student-athletes. Coach C and R-Dog navigate the slippery slope…

Spreading The Wealth

In the latest Sports Dogs Podcast, Coach C, Mike Costello, joins Randy Woodward for a nod to SU Baseball, a tough loss for JMU, and a controversial law being adopted by a handful of states that would only partially compensate a college athlete for use of name, likeness, etc. Enjoy the discussion with the Dogs!