Mom’s Day Thoughts

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Happy Mother’s Day from The Booth!

I’m not sure where this post is going to take me, but on this Mother’s Day I want to recognize all the Moms out there who are the unsung heroes in their children’s lives as it relates to sports. I lost my mother several years ago, but I will always have the memories of how she contributed to any successes I might have had in athletics.

My mom never played catch in the backyard or taught me how to make a layup or the difference between a post pattern and a down-and-out. What she did do was make sure every Fall was to take us to Coaches’ Supply in downtown Martinsburg for a new pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers–blue for the North Junior High Blue Devils, and later, orange (or black) for the Martinsburg High Bulldogs. I think they were a whopping $9.99. Early Spring meant a trip to Coaches’ for a new baseball glove, if needed, tube socks, and a colored-sleeve baseball undershirt to match our Little League team color. When it became cool to wear baseball sanitary socks (those thin white socks that go over your tube socks and under your “stirrup” socks), she didn’t blink. In August, my mom made sure we had everything we needed for Midget League football–pads, helmets, practice pants–so we would look our best. There was one season I played a whopping 26 seconds, but I was the best-dressed backup quarterback in the league!

While we’re on the subject of fashion, thank you, mom, for always making sure we had clean uniforms for every game. While some kids came to the games looking like unmade beds or “Pigpen” from the Peanuts comics, our “unis” were always washed and pressed.

As a member of the MHS Golf team, there probably was more than one time that I left my clubs at home on match day. My mom was always the one who had to lug them into the main office, no easy task I’m sure. I probably took those trips to school for granted back then, but I appreciate them now.

Finally, I don’t think my mom ever saw me play baseball in person, but she never missed a game, thanks to The Martinsburg Journal. In those days, the Journal did detailed writeups of all the Little League, Senior Little League, and High School games, and she kept all the clippings. I still have some of those, and it’s fun to relive the small glories I might have had on the field.

Whatever role your mom may have played in your athletic life, if she’s still around, give her a call or pay her a visit today and say “thanks.” I wish I could do that today.

Until the next visit from the Booth…Moms Rule!