Prepare for hurricane season

As the Atlantic hurricane season kicks off, Governor Glenn Youngkin is calling on residents throughout our Commonwealth to prioritize readiness in anticipation of potential storms.

Recently, Governor Youngkin toured the Virginia Department of Emergency
Management to receive updates on ongoing hurricane preparedness efforts.

With the hurricane season spanning from June 1st to November 30th, taking steps is essential to protecting lives and property.

Storms originating in the lower Atlantic or Gulf States pose a risk of moving northward and inflicting substantial damage on Virginia.

That’s why all Virginians statewide are urged to prepare.

Take the time now to review your insurance policy, secure your property, and create a plan that includes arrangements for your pets or those that may need extra assistance.

Know your zone.

Evacuation may become necessary depending on the track and severity of the storm.

Review Virginia’s evacuation zones at

Users can enter their physical address in the search bar of the website to confirm their designated evacuation zone.

Complete a family communication plan.

Prepare for how you will assemble and communicate with your family and loved ones.

Identify meeting locations and anticipate where you will go.

Create an emergency kit comprising nonperishable food, water, medications, hygiene items, radios, spare batteries, and essential documents.

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Youngkin issues executive order on AI

Governor Youngkin issued an Executive Order 30 on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which implements AI Education Guidelines for the classroom protecting the individual data of all Virginians.

The Commonwealth contains the largest number of cybersecurity companies and personnel on the East Coast.

Virginia colleges and universities lead the nation in technology research and development, and critical national security and military intelligence, undeniably exposing Virginia to unique AI effects.

The Governor’s Executive Order mixes strong protections for Virginia residents and businesses while recognizing opportunities presented by AI.

As one of the first states in the country to issue AI standards, Virginia is leading the way on guidelines and pilots.

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Operation crash reduction initiative

The Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office is taking part in the nationwide Operation Crash Reduction initiative through October 9th.

October is the deadliest month on the Virginia roadways.

Please drive safely and help reduce the number of crashes within our

Keep the following tips in mind, while driving:

  •  Allow ample time to reach your destination safely.
  • Slow down and obey posted speed limits!
  • Be extra cautious of hazards and pedestrians during dusk and dawn.
  • Never drive when you are impaired or fatigued.
  • Stop for pedestrians at crosswalks!

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Affordable broadband coming to more of Virginia

Governor Youngkin announced yesterday, Friday, September 1st,  the release of his plans for closing the digital divide.

The plans outline the strategies for connecting Virginians to high-speed, affordable broadband.

It will allow Virginia to access its $1.48 billion federal allocation to deploy high-speed internet to areas without broadband.

The 5-Year Plan falls under the Federal Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act.

These funds will be prioritized to reach the unserved homes, businesses and community anchors in the Commonwealth that do not yet have broadband. 

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VA. to receive $220 million for broadband expansion

Mark Warner announced that Virginia will receive $220 million for broadband expansion.

The funds are from the American Rescue Plan including $10 billion secured by Warner to help states with broadband service.

The funds will not only bring broadband to areas in need but will also make the service more affordable.

Broadband is critical to help states carry out needed capital projects, enable telework, online education and tele-health.

With broadband across the Commonwealth households will have access to faster and more efficient high speed internet.

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Checkpoint Strikeforce has begun in Virginia

virginia electoral college votes

The 20th annual Checkpoint Strikeforce DUI enforcement campaign has begun in Virginia.

As of August 20 and lasting through Labor Day weekend with the effort resuming throughout the 2021 winter holiday seasons.

Law enforcement across the Commonwealth will step up efforts to keep drunk drivers off the roads.

Last year during Labor Day weekend Troopers arrested 55 drunk drivers and processed over 14,000 people convicted of DUI in 2020.

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DMV opens more appointment opportunities

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will open more windows at their customer service centers beginning June 1.

This creates over 180,000 additional appointment opportunities across the Commonwealth.

Customers can begin scheduling these new appointments this week.

Additional windows will open in stages June 1-15 and in July as DMV continues to hire and train new employees expanding appointment opportunities.

Adding to the more than 530,000 appointments already scheduled over the next three months.

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Gov. Northam allocates $6.3 million for 15 projects

emergency funding for homeless

Gov. Northam announced an allocation of more than $6.3 million in Growth and Opportunity for Virginia grants.

The monies will help the Commonwealth continue addressing the economic impact of the pandemic.

The funding is set to support 15 projects in the state.

Those projects include $821,000 to be shared by Frederick, Shenandoah, Warren and Rockingham Counties to advance 6 sites for new or expanding businesses.

Over $60,000 will be shared between Page with the cities of Harrisonburg and Roanoke to support farmers, local producers and distributors impacted by COVID-19.

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