Tool time Tuesday; Thanks Dad!

Tool time Tuesday and today a “thank you” to my dad.  My dad, Walter, was born on this date in 1916.  When he passed away I inherited a lot of his tools, all of which I remember him using when I was growing up.  There’s a brace and bit hand drill that I’ve featured in other Fun Facts.  A wooded tool box, that he built, filled with various hand tools, parts to make pipe clamps, files of all shapes and sizes and all sorts of metal chisels and punches.  I also have a 100 foot tape measure that I remember holding for him on several occasions.  I always held the “dumb” end, but he would let me reel it in when we were through.  Most of his tools he had before I was born so, like me, they are antiques.  Their age doesn’t stop me from using them.  As a matter of fact their age, and the memories I have of them, are the very reason I use them.  Thanks dad.  Listen to the podcast here;