Fun Fact October 1, 2021.

They are very rare, extremely quiet and very colorful.  Today we learn about the elusive Jeep duck!  I’ve mentioned in past Fun Facts that my wife drives a Jeep and loves it.  We’ve also talked about the “Jeep wave” that most Jeep owners share, but there is another custom that’s pretty cool; ducking.  Jeep Ducking is relatively new, starting in Canada in 2020.  Here’s how it works.  When you see a Jeep in the wild, you carefully approach it and leave a rubber duck on it, in a place the driver will see.  Your duck should have a tag with a positive thought, bible verse or a simple “nice ride.”  Also your tag may have hashtags that can used when a picture is posted to social media, completing the “ducking.”  Recently we attended a “Jeep Thing” in Berkley Springs and my wife’s Jeep got ducked for the first time.  We, in turned, ducked another Jeep we saw in our travels.  My wife’s first duck now rides proudly on her dashboard. Listen to the podcast here;