Wednesday at the ongoing Depp Heard trail in Fairfax

An ABC News report on the Johnny Depp libel suit against ex-wife Amber Heard in Fairfax Virginia.

Depp’s longtime friend and next door neighbor testified Wednesday in the trail.

Isaac Baruch said he never noticed any evidence of abuse on Heard’s face.

Heard told him that Depp threw a phone at her hitting her.

Baruch said he saw no evidence of it either right after it happened nor later in better light.

Baruch is the second witness called in the trail over Depp’s allegations that an opinion piece Heard wrote in the Washington Post falsely portrays her ex as a domestic abuser.

Baruch a painter, has been a friend of Depp since 1980 even working for him when the actor owned part of the famed Viper Room Club.

Depp has also helped Baruch financially as well.

Under cross examination from Heard’s lawyer Baruch conceded he didn’t know if Heard was wearing make up to conceal any bruising.

At one point Baruch got emotional saying that Heard needed to take responsibility and move on.

Baruch added that he never saw violence from Depp.

Baruch did testified that he saw security video showing Heard’s sister Whitney throwing a fake punch at Heard’s face while the two waited for an elevator in the building they all shared.

After the fake punch the sisters laughed.

Heard’s lawyer argues that the sisters were practicing for a real punch to feign abuse from Depp.

Both Depp and Heard are expected to testify in what is expected to be a six week long trail in Fairfax.

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Jury trail begins today 4/12 in Depp Heard case in Fairfax

According to ABC News a  jury of seven people plus four alternates was selected yesterday Apr. 11 to hear a libel lawsuit Johnny Depp filed against his ex wife Amber Heard.

Heard is accused of falsely portraying Depp as a domestic abuser.

Depp sued Heard over an op-ed piece she wrote in the Washington Post in 2018 in which Heard refers to herself as a public figure representing domestic abuse.

The article doesn’t mention Depp by name but he says it clearly refers to allegations Heard made in other forums that she suffered physical abuse at his hands.

Depp denies the accusations.

More than a dozen women some waving signs saying Justice for Johnny joined other fans waving pirate flags in recognition of Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean movie role.

The courtroom in the City of Fairfax was closed to the public Monday with limited closed circuit access in an overflow courtroom.

People lined up before 7 a.m. for the wristbands granting access.

Both Depp and Heard were in attendance but court personnel brought them in and out utilizing special access.

The judge has imposed a series of access rules to try and maintain decorum in the courthouse.

A smaller jury is typical for civil trials in Virginia opening statements are expected today.

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