Berkeley County Deputy arrest driver who endangered 10

The Panhandle News Network reports that a Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy arrested an extremely dangerous driver who endangered at least 10 lives.¬†

The Deputy spotted a vehicle with Virginia registration traveling at a high rate of speed and passing multiple vehicles down Interstate 81.

Before the traffic stop could be conducted the speeder struck another vehicle carrying three juveniles, a pregnant women and an adult male and then ran.

The speeder continued to race down 81 reaching speeds of over 115 miles per hour passing other vehicles on both the right and left shoulders.

Deputies report the driver put a minimum of ten lives in danger with his driving before striking a second vehicle with a woman and toddler inside.

The driver finally exited 81 on to Martinsburg Pike at exit 323.

The drive continued to pass multiple vehicles on the wrong side of the road was speeding and improperly passing other vehicles.

The driver finally stopped at the old Piggy’s parking lot on Winchester Avenue in Bunker Hill.

The driver exited the vehicle with a knife that he was swinging at deputies.

It took approximately a minute for deputies to convince the man to drop the knife.

He finally complied, surrender and was arrested without further incident.

James Davenport faces a number of charges with further information to be released when the investigation is complete.

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