Front Royal Police Detective stops a crime in Wytheville

A social media post from the Front Royal Police Department commends the actions of Detective Marc Ramey while off duty.

While on vacation with his family in Wytheville Detective Marc Ramey observed a domestic situation.

During the altercation a suspect brandished a weapon.

That’s when Detective Ramey stepped in and identified himself as an off duty police officer.

That caused the suspects to flee but Ramey was able to provide a detailed description of the suspects and the car they left in.

Thanks to Ramey’s information Wytheville law enforcement were able to track and apprehend the suspects in a short period of time.

Wytheville Police were able to arrest a 17 year old in the incident.

The young person now faces a number of charges including under aged possession of a firearm.

The juvenile is now being held in the Juvenile Dentition Center in Bristol Virginia.

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